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BabyShadez is the funky new app for unsigned video music, giving artists a fair deal.



Raw deals for artists? Not with BabyShadez.


We give more back to artists, helping them make more music for fans to enjoy. Join us for a supporting partner with donations allowing up to 100% of proceeds.



Interesting experiences, shareable content

Free or Premium - Find fans, connect with favourite artists and enjoy new music.

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About BabyShadez

In every culture across the world, music and picture brings people together, sharing support, energy and inspiration. We're creating a global community to connect artists and fans, sharing music and new experiences.

BabyShadez began out of a dream of doing things better within the music industry. A dream of a better deal for artists. A dream of more genuinely fresh music for fans.

Discouraged as artists and frustrated as fans, we're working with big players in the industry to make this dream a reality.

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Della Grants
Nova Grey
The Della Grants

Your Mix


Check out the most popular music by genre and see what's hot everywhere right now.


Near me

See what local users are jamming to right now and find artist and gigs near you.



Get to know your artists with bios, diaries, music and merchandise.



Change your tune

We've packed some great features into our app, but this is just the beginning.

Our vision is to create a Global music community, by connecting Awesome Artists with Fabulous Fans.

Your Device

Watch on iOS, Android and Windows Phones (tablets and desktops coming soon...)

Your Say

Vote for what you like and influence the realtime charts.

Your Music

Artists manage own content, connect with fans and plug into social media.





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We've made the very best video music channel and it's a free app to download. We work directly with Artists to bring their music to you first.


Search, browse and be inspired with recommendations. However you discover new music - it's all in the app.

Tune in

No matter where you are in the world you can access the app any time and instantly watch exciting unsigned artists.


How it works

Get the app

Once launched, all you'll need to do is search "BabyShadez" in the App Store or Google Play and tap "Get". If you're using a Windows phone, they'll be a web app ready for you.

Sign Up

Sign Up in just a few minutes - open the app and follow the instructions.


Once you're signed up, tap "Login", enter your information and you're good to go. If you forget your username or password, just tap "Forgot my Info" and follow the instructions.


Ok so we can't tell you how to enjoy amazing music, but accessing it is easy. You can browse by artist, genre and check out the latest charts. You'll even get recommendations based on what you watch.


To vote for an artist's work, show some love and click on the icon below the video. Your vote will update straight away, influencing the charts in real-time.


Get BabyShadez Now

With our Premium package, you get full unlimited access to all content. Plus, you can vote on your favourite videos and have a chance to send them to the top of our Global Unsigned Charts.


Get the scoop on all BabyShadez news and be one of the first users to get access to our app.

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